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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your predictive intelligence software benefit my clients?

Our advanced software allows us to accurately determine what your clients qualify for while providing them with three detailed quotes free of charge and without any commitments. We’ve partnered with a leading mortgage underwriting software company that can quickly determine the three best mortgage options for your client based on their application form.

How long will it take my clients to receive their quotes after applying online?
Your clients can expect to receive their quotes within one business day and, in most cases, much sooner than that.
What is your revenue sharing system, and how does it work?

We want to reward you for working with us. Not only do we guarantee exceptional service for your clients that you can be proud to refer them to, but we also want to thank you for sharing your business and growing with us. Just follow this link to sign up for the option that is best suited to you: An Online Form, a referral Mortgage Application Link with calculators, your personalized Partner Portal or your personalized Partner Portal widget hosted on your website. Then, send it to your clients to begin their application; it’s that simple. We’ll know exactly where each client’s application came from and will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

How does your free digital auto-approval process work?
We’ve designed a software that uses the same calculations that lenders use when qualifying your clients for a mortgage based on their income to debt ratios. We’ve simplified this formula and turned it into an automated online form that will tell your clients if they qualify. Of course, this will not replace an approval, and we don’t review the information submitted, but it’s a great place to start.
How do I get my own landing page and what are its features?

In addition to featuring your branding, this landing page allows you or your clients to submit a simple referral or a full application that we can track directly to you. On top of this, you’ll be updated with the most recent mortgage interest rates, news and searchable product sheets that can easily be shared with your clients while allowing you to understand the mortgage products that they are approved for. We’ve also given you and your clients access to our auto pre-approval software directly from your own site.

Can I add the landing page to my website?

Yes, you can. With a simple coded widget, you can host the landing page directly on your website with all the same great features.

What if I don’t want a landing page or website widget; can I still refer clients to you?

Of course. We’ll simply provide you with a unique URL to our user-friendly online application and easy-to-use calculators that are tracked back to you once your clients complete the application. It’s that simple!

What type of mortgage(s) do you specialize in?
Our company was founded and grew based on providing new Canadians with a mortgage to complete their homeownership dreams. Many of our clients went on to grow successful local businesses, and through our continued relationships with them and many other Canadians, we’ve garnered a successful track record of securing mortgages for self-employed individuals. We also have a strong reputation in construction mortgages and have extensive experience arranging mortgages in this area.
Do you only work in these areas of specialty?
No. We were founded with a goal to specialize in the self-employed and construction mortgage spaces, but we successfully and consistently arrange all kinds of mortgages, both traditional and non-traditional.
What type of client benefits from a private mortgage?
A private mortgage is designed to be a short-term, flexible loan to bridge the gap between long-term financing or pay off debts. They can be used to increase cash flow or consolidate debts, get access to funds quickly, access equity without touching the existing mortgages, pay to construct homes, and get financing when there are no other options available. Private mortgages can be a great solution for all types of clients; some clients with excellent credit and lots of equity in their homes may require private mortgages as well as those with poor credit and less equity.
How does your referral process work?

Simply sign up, then you can share your unique online application form or landing page link with clients, which we track back to you. It’s that easy! From there, we provide three free quotes to each applicant while their designated Mortgage Advisor reviews their file in detail to turn those quotes into actual approvals and great mortgages. We keep you in the loop every step of the way from start to close, at which point you automatically share in the revenue with us as a bonus.

At what stage does my client get partnered with their designated Mortgage Advisor?
As soon as they submit their online application, they will be assigned a Mortgage Advisor who will review their file in detail and reach out to you and your client to get started.
Who do I reach out to with questions regarding my clients’ mortgage?
You will be automatically notified of your clients’ Mortgage Advisor and their contact information. You’ll be able to reach out to them at any time, including evenings and weekends.
What information will be updated on my landing page and website page?

Your Partner Portal will be updated with the most recent rates on A lenders, B lenders and C lenders. You’ll also have access to the most current product sheets and Promotions allowing you to entice your clients to make the move while saving them money. 


Your page will be the first to receive lender promotions and giveaways as well as specials, providing all the tools you need to share with clients and get them moving forward on a great mortgage approval.

Can my client still get a mortgage if they have little to no income?
Yes, there are mortgage products available that rely solely on the equity in their property or equity available as a down payment. We strive to help borrowers of all situations and backgrounds secure a great mortgage for their needs.
What is your service guarantee?
We offer exceptional service that we stand behind. Our dedicated team strives to exceed expectations every time for you. Our strong network of industry connections, coupled with a progressive, digital approach, affords our borrowers the best route to securing a great mortgage. With effective communication at the foundation of our business, we translate needs into borrowing success.